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And needles will go flying. Let me show you how easy this is. Remove your sewing machine needle that you’re using, which is just a single needle. And go ahead and put in this twin needle. It goes in just like your regular needle. Now if your sewing machine has the feature to press “twin needle,” go ahead and press “twin needle.”. The twin needle is going to give you two uniform rows of top stitches just like a coverstitch machine. The back of the stitch will be different, of course, but it accomplishes a similar task on the cheap. However, the bottom bobbin thread will be a zig zag. It’s not quite as stretchy as a true coverstitch, but it looks almost identical. You’ll need to follow the same rules as regular needles with twin needles: ballpoints for knits! Some ballpoint twin needles say they’re “stretch needles” instead of ballpoint. Twin needles come in various sizes, much like single needles, and are labeled on the needle package. There will be several sizes indicated, one is the needle size and one is the distance between the two needles. Twin needles can be spaced anywhere from 2 to 6 mm apart. When using a twin needle, ensure both the presser foot and throat plate of. A twin needle is a way to get the look of a coverstitched hem without using a coverstitch machine on knit fabrics. A twin needle can also be used on woven fabrics to.

09/04/2014 · Today, we’re bringing you another excerpt from the forthcoming book, The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits. We’re learning how to sew a hem using your standard sewing machine and a twin needle. In the world of ready-to-wear, a coverstitch machine is usually used for creating neat hems with stretch. Disadvantages of Double needle stitching. Twin needle uses a sort of a chain stitch. At the back of the fabric there is a loop made So it is not as strong as a single straight stitch.In a factory made garment, a single needle seam considered superior to a double needle seam because of its finish and strength. 6 uses of double needle stitching. 04/07/2012 · Hi everyone: I've been using a 6mm twin needle with woolly nylon in the bobbin to hem knits, and I've been very happy with the results - it took some tinkering, but when I use stabilizer and get the tension just right, it doesn't 'tunnel', and will stretch along with the fabric. Twin needles come in a variety of sizes just like regular needles. But they have two number designations: one is the space between the needles and the other is the needle size. For instance, a 4/80 twin needle has 4 mm space between two size 80 needles.

You did use other twin needles that are stretch twin needles. Thanks for the post–much appreciated. Hi Kim, thanks for your note. It’s my understanding that the primary concern is to ensure that any twin needle you use is not too wide for the machine i.e., no wider than you’re able to zig-zag stitch, as that could cause damage. 16/02/2016 · To those dreaming of a coverstitch machine, I honestly prefer the twin needle method. i did experiment with the machine enough to get the results I want, but find that it is easier to adjust your machine for a twin needle, that get the coverstitch set right. I am going to try it with the binder attachments for elastic.

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